Zoiper 5

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1. Download and install the soft phone

Click Download ZoiPer. 
After downloading the software, install it and configure it according to the steps below:
Click on the downloaded file to install it.


Click "Run" in the notification window.


Click "Next" on all setup windows until the installation is completed. 

Z3.png Z5.png

2. Setup your Zoiper softphone

Click "Continue as free user" on the first setup screen.


Enter your SIP user name in the following format: "vmtxxxx_x@sip.voicemailtel.net". Enter your SIP terminal password.


Click "Next" on the next screen without changing any information.


Make sure the "Optional" box is checked, confirm your SIP user name on the next screen and click "Next".


Look for the  SIP UDP option to turn green  and click "Next".


Look for a green  check mark sign in the upper left corner of your soft phone, which will confirm your setup was completed successfully.


Make calls!