What is Virtual PBX?

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A Virtual PBX is an affordable alternative to the high costs of buying and maintaining a hardware-based PBX system, it does not require any new equippment to purchase and maintain. When you sign up with VoiceMailTel, you will get your own Toll Free or local number to use as your main business number. When multiple callers dial your number simultaneously they will be forwarded to extensions and mailboxes. You can transfer callers to different extensions, which can be assigned to employees and departments regardless of their geographical position. With FindMe/FollowMe call forwarding, customers calling your main number will be redirected to your offices/employees. You can redirect calls to different numbers at any time, or have calls automatically routed to different numbers in a fixed order. In addition, you can assign direct dial numbers to individual extensions providing your employees and/or departments with their own numbers.
So if you have a local number in a certain city, your calls can be redirected to an office in another city or area.