Vtech VSP715/725/726/735/736/754

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Vtech VSP715/725/726/735/736/754 Models

How to get the IP Address assigned to the phone

1. Press the softkey assigned to ‘Status’
2. Press ‘1’ for Network
3. Note the IP down to put in your browser

• Navigate to Phone/Device IP Address in Browser, you will get the following screen.
• The default Password for Vtech devices should be admin/admin.

• After logging to the GUI, Click the "Servicing" Tab.
• On the left panel Click "Provisioning".
• Input the Provisioning URL provision.voicemailtel.net to the "Server URL" settings.
• Click Save.

VSP736 Configuration.png

Next click, Reboot on the left side, the click the reboot button:

Vtech reboot.png

• The phone will reboot, contact our servers to get the provisioning information, then will reboot once more before registering.