Vtech VSP715/725/726/735/736/754

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How to get the IP Address assigned to the phone:

1. Press the softkey assigned to ‘Status’
2. Press ‘1’ for Network
3. Note the IP down to put in your browser• Navigate to Phone/Device IP Address in Browser, you will get the following screen.
• The default Password for Vtech devices should be admin/admin.

Setting up your phone:

• After logging to the GUI, Click the "Servicing" Tab.

• On the left panel Click "Provisioning".

• Input the Provisioning URL provision.voicemailtel.net to the "Server URL" settings.

• Click Save.

VSP736 Configuration.png

• Next, click Reboot on the left side, the click the reboot button:

Vtech reboot.png

• The phone will reboot, contact our servers to get the provisioning information, then will reboot once more before registering.