SoundStation IP 6000

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SoundStation ip 6000.jpg

This device supports automatic provision with our service (by completing MAC information on the portal). You will have to do only some minimal settings on the device.

How to configure your conference phone

Polycom phones support provisioning path provided by option 66 from DHCP or if you don't have this option is better to setup a static ip for the phone and also set the provisioning url.

1. Setup the phone using DHCP
Please notice that most of routers with DHCP server incorporated doesn't have support for option. If you know how to manage your DHCP server and your server support options setup your device and server like bellow otherwise skip this step.

Phone menu:
During boot screen choose setup and enter default password: 456
- DCHP Client: Enabled
Under DCHP Menu:
- Boot Server: Custom+Opt.66
- BootSrv Opt: 160
- BootSrv Type: String

DHCP server:
Option 66:

Save settings and reboot.

2. Setup the conference phone using static IP

Phone menu:
During boot screen choose setup and enter default password: 456
- DCHP Client: Disabled
- Phone IP Addr: alocate one from your internal network (eg.
- Subnet Mask: use from your internal network (eg.
- IP Gateway: use default ip from your internal network (eg.
Under Server Menu:
- Server Type: HTTP
- Server Address:
- Server User: empty (delete if exists anything)
- Server Password: empty (delete if exists anything)
Exit Server Menu and then
- SNTP Address: (you can use other if you want)
- GMT Offset: -5 (eg. for Toronto)
- DNS Server: (or dns provided by your ISP)
- DNS Alt. Server: (or alternate dns provided by your ISP)

Save settings and reboot.

Note: Using automatic provision your phone will also upgrade firmware to the latest firmware installed on our servers.