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Sign Up & Free Trial Information

Can I try your services?
What is included in your 30 Days Free Trial?
Am I going to be charged during the 30 Days Free Trial?
Does your service require any contracts to sign?
How long does it takes before I can start using the service?
Are there any sign up fees?
What is the fee for transferring a number?
If I already have a toll free number, can I transfer it to my VoiceMailTel account?
Do you also provide local numbers?
Can I also order a Custom Toll Free number?

User Guide

How can I access my VoiceMailTel Menu?
How can I record a message for the Call Attendant?
How can I review my message for the Call Attendant?
How can I access my Voicemail by phone?
How can I access my Voicemail online?
How can I delete my Voicemails online?
How can I manage my extension's settings?
How can I enable my Quick Forward?
How can I disable my Quick Forward?
How can I forward calls to an external number?
How can I forward calls to another extension?
What do I do when calls are forwarded to me?
How can I manage my call schedule?
How can I manage my Voicemail Notification settings?
Can I customize my music on hold online?
Can I have custom music on hold?
How can I make an International Call?
Can I make International calls from my Toll Free number?
Can I forward my calls to an International number?
How can I make calls and check my voicemails when I'm traveling?
Will I be able to check my messages whenever I want?
How can I use the Calling Card feature?
How can I use the Call Back feature?
How can I use the Call Transfer feature?
How can I add more features on my account?
How can I setup simultaneous Call Forwarding?
Can I control how long the phone rings before a call goes to voicemail?
Can I have different greetings play at different times of the day?
Can I change the package I have on my account?
What is the Call Queue?

Technical guide

Can I have multiple phone numbers on one VoiceMailTel account?
How many simultaneous calls can your system handle?
How many extensions can my VoiceMailTel account handle?
Does VoiceMailTel support 911 services?
How many external numbers can I forward my calls to?
How long can my main greeting be?
How long can my voicemails be?
How many voicemails can my extension handle?
Can I forward my voicemail messages to other people?
For how long are the calls records stored in my account?
Is it possible for my VoiceMailTel system to be down?
My Caller ID on Forwarding is not showing properly on my cell phone display.
What about problems with my inside wiring, power and internet connections?
What do I do if I have problems with my calls?
What is Virtual PBX?
What is a VOIP phone?
What is a softphone?
What is an Auto Attendant?
What is Call Analysis?
What is the Call Back feature?
What is the Call Forwarding feature?
What is the Call History feature?
What is the Call Transfer feature?
What is the Call Waiting feature?
What is the Directory by Name feature?
What is the Voicemail feature?
What is the Message Notification feature?
Do you have a Find Me / Follow Me feature?
What is the difference between Find Me and Follow Me?

Billing & Accounting

Harmonized Sales Tax
How do you invoice me?
Are there any monthly fees?
How do I change the email your Billing Department has on file?
Am I being charged for calls to anotehr Toll Free number?
Are there any hidden fees?
Are there any surcharges for calling from payphones?
Do I get charged when checking my voicemail messages by phone?
Do I have to pay the entire monthly fee if I signed up for VoiceMailTel mid-month?
Do I own the numbers?
Will I be charged for Message Notification by email?
Can I upgrade my account at any time?
Can I cancel my account at any time?
How can I cancel my account?
Can I transfer my VoiceMailTel number(s) to another carrier?

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