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Toll Free Numbers

- businesses use Toll Free numbers to make it easy — and free — for callers to reach them
- callers are not paying for airtime so your incoming calls from potential new customers will increase
- Toll Free numbers give your company a professional image at a low price
- Toll Free numbers are reachable from anywhere within North America
- once a Toll Free number is activated on your account you own the number for life

Custom Toll Free Numbers

- VoiceMailTel offers you the option to select your own Toll Free number
- choose your Custom Toll Free number to suit your business (e.g. 1-800-BUY-TOYS)
- Custom Toll Free numbers are easy to remember and become a trademark to your business
- Custom Toll Free numbers are activated within 3-5 days since ordered

Local Numbers

- VoiceMailTel offers Local Numbers in over 90 area codes from anywhere in Canada and USA
- Local Numbers provide your business a local presence anywhere you want (e.g. even if you're from Toronto you can order a Montreal number and so establish a local presence in Montreal)
- you can add as many Local Numbers on your account as your growing business requires
- Local Numbers are charged CAD 3.5 / month
- there are no setup or activation fees

Porting your numbers to VoiceMailTel

- porting your numbers to VoiceMailTel is possible for both Local and Toll Free numbers
- to transfer your numbers to VoiceMailTel you have to own the numbers and make sure your current carrier allows porting
- the porting process takes up to 30 days
- porting a Toll Free number to VoiceMailTel is charged CAD 30, one time fee
- porting a Local number to VoiceMailTel is charged CAD 50, one time fee