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Sign Up for a 30 Days Free Trial

1. Access VoiceMailTel's website and order your 30 Days Free Trial account
2. Once you place the order online you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your order
3. Within the next 4 business hours a Sales Representative will call you on the phone number you submitted in the Order Form. Phone confirmation is mandatory, no order will be activated without your confirmation by phone
4. Once confirmed your new VoiceMailTel account will be activated and your Sales Representative will send you your account settings, portal login info and VoiceMailTel User Guide by email
5. As soon as you receive your account settings and information by email you will be able to start using your VoiceMailTel account, to start making and receiving calls.

Sign Up for a VoiceMailTel live account

1. In case you are familiar with how our system works or you don't need a Free Trial to test it, you can order directly a VoiceMailTel live account and start building it according to your business' needs.
The steps to order a paid package are identical to the ones described above, to order a 30 Days Free Trial.

2. In case you decide to go for the live account during your 30 Days Free Trial or once it ends, you can request your Sales Representative to start your live account.


There are NO activation or setup fees with VoiceMailTel!
There are NO hidden fees with VoiceMailTel!
You will be invoiced for the monthly service (includes Package, Plans, Extra Features, Phone Numbers) and monthly usage (the amount of minutes used for incoming and outgoing calls)

My VoiceMailTel Interface

All VoiceMailTel customers have access to their own interface / online portal account.

Manage your account from your VoiceMailTel interface:

1. Extensions

- schedule your numbers by Days of the Week and Working Hours / After Working Hours
- setup your extensions: name extensions, change PINs, manage Music-on-hold on Forward, Manage your Caller ID for forwarded calls, Enable your Voicemail and Voicemail Notification
- route your incoming calls to: another extension, a terminal or to external numbers
- schedule your extensions, manage your extensions' greetings and your voicemail settings

2. System

- manage your Fax access
- manage your Music-on-hold for the main account and/or for extensions - choose from default music or upload your own music or announcements
- setup your account's Dial-by-name options
- manage and save your Directory list
- select your Timezone
- Block area codes or numbers you don't want to receive calls from, block Telemarketer Calls, block anonymous calls
- setup your Call Me Now feature and place a Call Me Now button on your website (your visitors will be able to directly connect to your phone system with a simple click on it)
- by request you can activate the Call Recording feature for your account and have your recorded files stored on your VoiceMailTel interface
- choose or edit your account login details
- start and setup your 911 Service access

3. MyAccount

- order new features, numbers or calling plans
- manage your company's contact information
- check your up to date Billing reports (all invoices / payments and account balance) and payment options
- use your Virtual Fax feature - send faxes anywhere within North America

4. Call Reports

- check your detailed and up to date Call History by date, interval, call type, caller ID, source and destination
- analyze your company's incoming and outgoing calls by hours, extensions, source or status
- check your conference calls complete details