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Customer Support Information

Here is the place where we publish all relevant information related to the setup and usage of our service.
You can find information for configuration of your software/devices, frequent answered question, troubleshoot information and many other useful stuff.
Click on section titles to access info pages:

My Account

Information on how to order and activate a VoiceMailTel phone service account.
All you need to know about your VoiceMailTel online interface.

Phone Numbers

Everything you need to know about VoiceMailTel's phone numbers.

DropBox Integration

  1. Voicemail - DropBox integration
  2. Fax - DropBox integration

Auto Attendant and Forwarding

The Auto Attendant feature (also known as automated attendant, call attendant, or main greeting) guides callers to the extensions they want to reach.

Desk Phones

Information regarding device configuration for ATA, IP phones, soft phones and well known compatible routers.
Before trying to setup your phone please check if your device is not already tested by us and its configuration posted in this section.

Networking for VoIP

Want to make sure your Internet access is enough to run VoIP?

Access: TEST

This short test will simulate a phone call over your internet connection. If you pass the test, you may qualify for our voice services with your existing internet access.
This test requires the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer.

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Contact VoiceMailTel

For any inquiries about our products, services and rates please feel free to Contact us

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