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Download VoiceMailTel SIP Android Softphone directly from Google Play and install it on your Android device.

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After the application is installed, open it, go to your Account setup assistant, and enter the email address associated with the VoIP account you want to use.

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After you entered your email address you will receive a confirmation e-mail message with a validation link.

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Once you have clicked on the activation link press the Reload button on your VoiceMailTel SIP application and your account will be displayed.

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Click on the Let`s go button on the bottom right side of your VoiceMailTel SIP application to complete the setup process.

Make calls!

  • Notice:

The current version of the application was tested and works perfectly on Android minimum 2.2 version.


- for WiFi connectivity - you have to have a good signal strenght

- for 3G - at least 80 Kb connection speed (for both upload and download)

For any questions regarding our Softphone for Android please call us at 866-686-4236 or send us an e-mail to VoiceMailTel Support