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[[File: Snom-870.jpg]]<br>
[[File: Snom-870.jpg|300px|thumb|]]<br>
The Snom 870 is an affordable, yet powerful mid class VoIP phone.
The Snom 870 is an affordable, yet powerful mid class VoIP phone.

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The Snom 870 is an affordable, yet powerful mid class VoIP phone.

How to configure your phone through Zero touch deployment

Zero touch deployment

VoiceMailTel supports Zero touch deployment for Snom 870 Phones:

To set up Zero touch deployment please provide the MAC Address of your device (located on the back label panel of your phone) to your VoiceMailTel account manager. 
Once the phone has been set up on your VoiceMailTel Account, simply perform a Reset to factory defaults from the Reset menu of your phone`s web interface.
Your phone will then connect to your account and download it`s settings.
To reset your phone to factory defaults please follow these steps: Press "Settings" button Select "Maintenance" using down arrow. Select "Reset values" Enter 0000 (default admin password) Press Ok (button on the right of navigation arrows)

Automatic provision

This should be done after you complete the device information on the customer portal by indicating phone model and mac address (without - or spaces or any other special symbol eg. 0000ED4234AC).

1. Find phone's ip address

Press "Help" (?) button
Choose first button under display: IP Addr
You should see the ip address of the phone (eg.

2. Go to any browser equipped computer on your network and enter the address:

http://<IP ADDRESS>/advanced_update.htm
(where <IP ADDRESS> is replaced by the address that was given to you in STEP bellow).

3. Change settings are as follows:

Update Policy: Update automatically
Settings URL: http://provision.voicemailtel.net/snom/snom870.php?mac={mac}

4. Save settings and reboot.

Click Save
Click Reboot

After 1-2 restarts, depending if is doing firmware update or not, your phone should be ready.