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How to configure snom 300 phone

Installing the snom 300 is child's play and possible on the phone itself as well as by remote configuration.

Out of the box configuration

This versatile phone allows you to make configuration without touching it. Just send us the MAC address of the phone together with model and when you plug in the phone to the internet for the first time it should restart 2-3 times and will be ready for use.

If the phone was used before you should Reset it to factory defaults.

Press "Settings" button
Press "right arrow" 3 times to select "Configuration"
Press second button under display to choose "Reset"
Enter 0000 (default admin password)
Press Ok (button on the right of navigation arrows)

Automatic provision

This should be done after you complete the device information on the customer portal by indicating phone model and mac address (without - or spaces or any other special symbol eg. 0000ED4234AC).

1. Find phone's ip address

Press "Help" (?) button
Choose first button under display: IP Addr
You should see the ip address of the phone (eg.

2. Go to any browser equipped computer on your network and enter the address:

http://<IP ADDRESS>/advanced_update.htm
(where <IP ADDRESS> is replaced by the address that was given to you in STEP bellow).

3. Change settings as follow:

Update Policy: Update automatically
Settings URL: http://provision.voicemailtel.net/snom/snom300.php?mac={mac}

4. Save settings and reboot.

Click Save
Click Reboot

After 1-2 restarts, depending if is doing firmware update or not, your phone should be ready.